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Medication Log

Your healthcare team needs to know about all of the medications you take. Get the information for this list off the prescription labels that are on each of the bottles or containers. Keep this list updated as your medications change. Bring a copy of your most up-to-date list to each of your appointments.

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Questions to ask your Doctor at your appointment

Questions to ask your doctor: Do you know the stage of the cancer? If not, how and when will you find out the stage of the cancer? Would you explain to me what the stage means in my case? What treatment do you think is best for me? What’s the goal of this treatment? Do you think it could cure the cancer? Will treatment include surgery? If so, who will do the surgery? What will the surgery be like? Will I need other types of treatment, too? What’s the goal of these treatments? What side effects could I have from these treatments? What about special vitamins or diets that friends or online articles talk about? How will I know if they are safe? How soon do I need to start treatment? What should I do to be ready for treatment? Is there anything I can do to help the treatment work better? What’s the next step?

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What to expect during cancer treatment

What to Expect During Cancer Treatment-Side Effects of Treatment Finding out you have chancer presents many changes for you and your loved ones. Simply knowing what to expect can help you feel more in control and less worried about what lies ahead. We hope this information will help you and your family as you work through your fears and concerns about cancer and cancer treatment. Bothersome side effects form cancer treatment can always be controlled or managed with help from your cancer team. Keep them up to date with how you're doing and whether you need more help. The severity of side effects from cancer treatment varies by type of treatment and from person to person. • Talk with your cancer team about what to expect with your treatment. Common problems include: Nausea and vomiting Hair loss Bone marrow changes Mouth and skin changes Changes in your sex life Memory changes Emotional changes •You may have many different emotions while going through cancer treatment. •You may also have concerns about physical changes and side effects. •Some people have side effects from cancer treatment while others don't have any. Chemotherapy Side Effects Chemotherapy drugs are very strong. They kill any cell that' s gr owing fast, even if it's not a cancer cell. So, some normal, healthy cells tha... read more

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